Low Cost, High Efficiency: Running Oracle ERP Applications and Databases on AWS

What do the Scottish Government, Humber College, Paysafe, The National Australia Bank and a number of U.S. State Governments have in common?
All of them – along with hundreds of others – have already moved their Oracle workloads to the AWS Cloud.
Discover how an effective strategy can help you optimize Oracle licensing contracts. Learn more about the advantages of running Oracle ERP applications and databases on AWS, architecture patterns, deployment options for moving to AWS, and building an effective cloud strategy for Oracle products.


Neill Smith

Head of Infrastructure
Scottish Government ARE Directorate


Nick Walter 

Chief Technology Officer
House of Brick

In this webinar:
Join Neill SmithHead of Infrastructure at the Scottish Government ARE Directorate, and Nick WalterHouse of Brick’s Chief Technology Officer, as we explore the best strategies for building a trusted, secure, and cost-optimized cloud environment for Oracle enterprise applications and databases on AWS.
You will learn how to:
  • Optimize Oracle licensing to successfully migrate Oracle ERP applications and databases to the AWS Cloud
  • Identify different deployment strategies for Oracle ERP applications and databases on AWS (e.g. EC2, RDS, or VMware Cloud on AWS)
  • Evaluate different strategies for maintaining Oracle licensing for various cloud deployment strategies, compliance and audit risks

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